Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wine and Community - Part 1

In these very challenging economic times, many in our community are wondering how they can make Christmas special for their children.  I believe that we have a responsibility to share our good fortune with those who need a hand.  Personally and professionally I have made a point of reaching out to The Amador Interfaith Food Bank to share some of what I have with others.  Our customers have joined us in this endeavor by participating in a food drive at the winery.  

With Christmas fast approaching, the news outlets are reminding us daily that we need to think beyond our front doors.  There are countless agencies in every community who are falling far short of their goals, this year.  I’d like to encourage our Wine Community to rise to this challenge.  Whether it’s a toy donation to Toys for Tots, a food or monetary donation to your local food bank, a warm coat you’re no longer using, or a day of service at a shelter in your community; someone will have a merrier Christmas if you reach out.  There are so many organizations out there doing good works; something is bound to resonate with you.  Please join me in sharing the joy the Wine Community can bring to others.  When you’ve done so, please share your experience by making a comment on this Blog.  Let’s show the world that we can make a difference!

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